Thank you, readers, for sticking with my bimonthly updates. Today’s theme is sloppy collage! Sorting through my flat files for contributions to the upcoming NeoIntegrity Show at MoCCA – NYC, I excavated these random CHUNKY RICE related scraps. 1) The “clunk” spliced off the last page of original art, slathered with “brush test” doodles. 2) … Continue reading clunkerz

atlantic center for the arts

Happy New Year, Everyone! HABIBI progress updates coming soon(ish). In the meantime, heads-up that the Atlantic Center for the Arts Residency program is focusing on GRAPHIC NOVELS in October 2010. Each year they provide interactive work spaces for writers, artists, choreographers, composers, etc., hosting fancy folks from Robert Rauschenberg to Edward Albee to Saul Williams. … Continue reading atlantic center for the arts

december first

… is the date, and I’m extra grateful to be drawing final pages again after five months of rewrites! Thank you, blog-readers, for all your patience and encouragement. Here’s a glimpse at the first page on the drawing board since June 28th.


I’m leaving tomorrow morning for BRAZIL to promote the Companhia das Letras edition of my book RETALHOS at the Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos in Belo Horizonte, and a FNAC signing in São Paulo. More importantly, I get to hang out with three of my favorite cartoonists: genius twins Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá, and wildman … Continue reading retalhos