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progress June 23rd, 2011

While you’re all being patient for the HABIBI release, here’s some progress updates on slightly smaller projects.
The trifold poster is being colored by the Eisner award-winning Dave Stewart! He’s also coloring the Kazim collaboration for CBLDF.
(For TRICKSTER at ComicCon, we’re planning a B&W screenprint version.) And the BOLSTER mural is not yet finished, but getting close.
Here’s the scaffolding chaos from a couple of weeks ago…

Also, we had a first contest of sorts on the facebook page. Of course, it’s impossible to choose from so many moving stories from you readers.
Thanks for being in touch. More soon!

11 Responses to “progress”

  1. David D. Says:

    If only that update on Facebook didn’t go up so early I would have noticed it and given my response.

    The coloring on the trifold poster, mainly on the waves looks really amazing.

  2. jess smart smiley Says:

    Such great news! Thanks for the update :)

  3. Jordi Says:

    The mural looks great!

  4. Christian Says:

    That mural is looking sah-weet!

  5. jess Says:

    reading this half asleep…my poor brain thought dave stewart from eurythmics at 1st!

  6. Lies VdV Says:

    For those who haven’t seen it yet:

    This is AMAZING, but always read the small print :(
    “Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the United States”

    But good luck to all who can participate. I’m going to anyway, you never know ;D

    – from Belgium

  7. Jacob Says:

    Craig, I’m going to Portland on the 14th and 15th – anything you especially recommend I do or see while I’m there? (Besides Powells?) Thanks a bunch!

  8. ludovic Says:

    Thanks for show us your work!
    I regret that i am not god enough in english to understand your technic in details.
    I decided to wrote to you after watching à video on you: your work on Habibi…”j’en suis tombé à la renverse!”
    it’s incredible! congratulations!
    I realise a comic (nearly 170 pages)…for me… since more 2 years and watching you is “motivant” and also “intimidant”…


    ludovic (Pau , France)

  9. ludovic Says:

    old drawson : “dessins de melvic”

  10. Fred Says:

    Its kind of funny. I am unintentionally reading 3 comics right now that are all colored by Dave. He’s amazing!

  11. John Says:

    Cannot wait for Habibi. Stories like blankets and chunky rice are why I want to be a comic creator.

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