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Doot Doot Garden: The blog of graphic novelist Craig Thompson
IT IS FINISHED! September 15th, 2010

Chapter eight and everything else! Almost seven hundred pages! Thank you, blog-readers, for all your support.
Thank you, too, for your patience during the blog’s summer hiatus. I was waiting for finality to post. And secretive of process
(to avoid spoilers) as we neared the finish line. Plus, there were some summertime distractions; including, but not limited to:

There’s still plenty to keep me busy in the upcoming months. Edits / redraws / design / production / getting the book to press.
I’ll keep you all posted. Below, a basic cosmetic edit: fixing unclear reading order. Can’t wait to meet all of you on the promotional tours!

133 Responses to “IT IS FINISHED!”

  1. Barnaby Says:

    How wonderful!!!! IIt must feel great to actually finish something. Of course, I look forward to reading your epic.
    I loved Blankets; it was inspiring and moving, as I am sure ‘Habibi’ will be.

  2. Miguel Says:

    this is fantastic news!

  3. Matthew Southworth Says:

    HUUUGGGE congratulations, Craig!

    I can’t imagine how great it would feel to finish something so massive! That’s an amazing accomplishment, and I can’t wait to read it.

    I’m so happy for you.

  4. Jordi Says:

    So good to hear this news! I hope they invite you to promote in Barcelona!

  5. Joe Says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading Habibi. Congratulations Craig!!

  6. Juliette Says:

    Amazing, Craig! congratulations! I cannot wait to read and admire it! And I had a question, how did you approach researching? Like, the type of clothing, style of houses, language and so on. I assume you did a lot of research during your travels, but how exactly did you go about it?

  7. Randall Kirby Says:

    Wonderful! I saw some at Stumptown – I can’t wait to buy it!

  8. Joe Keatinge Says:

    Congratulations, Craig! I’m thrilled for you!

  9. Jason Says:

    Congratulations! It must feel insane to put something you’ve been working on for so long to bed.

    Super stoked to read it <3

  10. Amber Says:

    Congrats, Craig! Can’t wait for it to come out!

  11. DavidRY Says:

    What an awesome feat! Good to see its not all work – no play. Summertime Distractions = Water! So I’m guessing the Winter distractions will be of a different theme?

  12. Jamie S. Rich Says:

    Super awesome! Way to go, man.

  13. Lu Says:

    I can’t wait to read it!!!!! Congratulations :)

  14. annet Says:

    WOW, that is such great news! i can’t wait to flip through it for the first time, and then make a nest somewhere to read it from front to back!

  15. Bri Says:

    I’m so happy to hear this! I can’t wait to read it. I’ve been looking forward to it so much. Congratulations!

  16. Shawn Brook Williams Says:

    Super! Can’t wait to read it!

    Probably too early, but what’s next?

  17. Ike Says:

    Congrats, remember first reading Blankets like it was yesterday. Thank you for your beautiful work and I can’t wait to read and see Habibi.

  18. Alec Says:

    HOORAY! What wonderful news. This is so exciting Craig. Congratulations!

  19. jess smart smiley Says:

    NO WAY! HA HA HA! Man, I’m so happy for you. That river dancing looks pretty wild, too :)

    You can count on me to be present at as much of the promotional tour as possible, but for now I’m going to go spread the good word!

  20. Dj.D Says:

    Hi Craig! I am so glad you’re finally finished! I look forward to Hababi for it’s story and artwork to admire. Your artstyle is an influence on a comic I am working on now. Can’t wait for it, hope it can come out by this year in stores!

  21. G. Says:

    Well, I hope your tour brings you to Bogotá, Colombia. Other way, I don’t think we will be able to meet.

  22. Jaybird Devi Says:

    YAY!!! I’m so very excited to see it! Way to go, Craig!!!

  23. Kathleen Says:

    Yay! Can’t wait for Habibi to come out!

  24. Colleen Frakes Says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it, and hope you can drop by Vermont on your tour!

  25. anthony Says:

    Congrats! I’m eagerly anticipating having another tangible piece of Craig Thompson creative excellence! Thank you!

  26. pratheek Says:

    yeaiyeee!!! this is GREAT news… i’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting… and though there’s some more months of actual waiting, it’s Great to hear that the book is complete… CONGRATULATIONS!! Hope someday your tour would bring you to India too!

  27. Jhay Phoenix Says:

    Are we looking at a 2011 release!?

  28. tita Says:

    Wow! *excited* Congratulations!

  29. Fábio Moon Says:

    Congratulations, Craig. You’re an inspiration.
    Time to celebrate!!
    All the best from Brazil.

  30. Jasjyot Singh Hans Says:

    Woah! CONGRATULATIONS!!! It must be relieving to finish something this big! Your tour must include India! :) Lots of fans here! Looking forward to reading Habibi!

  31. Shannon Says:

    Congrats amigo!

  32. Mathilda Says:

    i really can’t………..!

  33. RyanMCFC Says:

    Hey Craig, you deserve many handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps, pats on the back and any other congratulatory gestures you can think of. I am in awe of your work ethic, dedication, and integrity. I really look forward to getting the book and seeing the kind of beautiful art all those great characteristics have transformed themselves into this time.

  34. nervo Says:

    this is really good news!!

    i cannot wait either… but i will have to… even more since i’m in spain :(
    anyway, i’m happy.

  35. lark Says:

    great that you finished habibe, but really riverdance wins first prize on this post. riverdance your booty over here, buddy!

  36. Esben Says:

    We’re happy for you Craig. And it’s such wonderful news for many thousands of your dedicated fans around the world.
    If you come to Europe – and i suppose you – I will be there.

    Best of all from a most dedicated fan in Denmark,


  37. Hana Says:

    YES CRAIG!!! you are amazing and I cannot wait to read Habibi. please come to L.A.!

  38. Rodrigo Santos Says:

    Congratulations. I can’t wait to read it!!!!

  39. Corban Says:

    Hell yeah! I didn’t think you’d have it done by now. You must have worked constantly to get those last two chapters done.

    Well done, man.

    Hope you’ll be visiting London.

  40. Fotini Says:

    Big Congratulations Craig :)
    I’m so happy it’s over! As always, can’t wait to read it!

    P.S. River dancing looks like fun! Like a variation of walking on water 😉

  41. Allison Says:

    Congradulations! :)

  42. Low Says:

    It is a good day for us readers !
    Can’t wait for it to cross the Atlantic, and hoping you’ll come back to Toulouse to promote it !

  43. Jose de Leon Says:

    Congratulations Craig! And Happy Upcoming Birthday!

  44. Katie Cole Says:

    Yay, that wonderful news! I’ve been checking your blog every few days to see if the announcement had been made. =) I’m very excited and anxious to obtain my copy once it’s in print. Again, congratulations on all of your hard work!

    Seattle, WA

  45. Jeff Says:

    Hot diggity. If the Apostle Paul himself were still writing, I’d be no less excited about a new letter from him.

  46. Rivkah Says:

    The is the best news I’ve heard all year! HURRAY!!!! When can we pre-order? 😉

  47. Alessandro M. Says:

    I knew it was going to be THIS post! Wonderful, wonderful news!
    I suppose it will not be difficult to see you in France soon. I hope that Angouleme will welcome you properly and that I will have the chance of meeting you. Congrats!

  48. Rowan Says:

    Congrats Craig! Really looking forward to reading it. x

  49. nate beaty Says:

    holy smokes! time for celebraaaaaaation. extremely curious and excited to see your new magnum opus.

  50. Jonathan Says:

    Congrats! Please don’t spoil anything and keep previews of stuff to an absolute minimum; I want to experience this fresh on the day it comes out Also, please book a visit in Atlanta for your tour. Now get back to work!

  51. Sean Says:

    Congratulations Craig. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time and I can’t wait to finally see what you’ve been working on all these years.

  52. Amy Says:

    whoa, congratulations!! pat yourself on the back good sir, sounds like you deserve it!

  53. Matthew McDaniel Says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it.

  54. twozdai Says:

    Congrats – time to celebrate all your hard work!

  55. Daphne Says:

    Craig, congrats and I’m glad you had some sumer fun too.

    will you let us know the best way (FOR YOU) to buy it when it is available? eg. through you directly, through a retailer but through a link from you, or, ask our local comic shops to carry it, etc.


  56. Jamie Says:

    Fantastic! You are insane and amazing! Can’t wait to see the finished copy one of these days. Now, how long will it take for your hand to uncramp?

  57. Craig Thompson finishes Habibi, starts to tinker | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment Says:

    […] Craig Thompson posted this week that he has finished his graphic novel Habibi, which at almost 700 pages will certainly be called “epic” by many reviewers. (That’s an easy call.) But he still has a lot of final touches to take care of, like the edit above, where he fixes the unclear reading order of some bits of text. While we wait for the finished product, you can see more scraps and edits at his blog. […]

  58. Justin Woo Says:

    Congrats, Craig! This is probably the most anticipated book in my life. 😛
    I remember walking into my local comic shop a few years ago to pre-order this, because I heard a rumor saying I could, and having the clerks look at me COMPLETELY confused.

    I can’t wait!

  59. Nathaniel Shriver Says:

    Oh man, I’ve been checking this blog every couple of days for three years, this is the greatest of news. Can’t wait to read it.


  60. Dave M Says:

    how exciting, congratulations! you better come down to Australia though…

  61. maria teresa Says:

    congratulazioni e felicitazioni!!! and since you are invited to do a world tour :) we would love expect to welcome you in Italy too!!!! cheers from Milano

  62. Paco Says:

    Great news! Are you planning visiting Madrid?
    Congratulations, i can see in your blog the drawing of Habibi is getting better. I love it.

  63. Max Says:

    Best news of the year! Can’t wait for it to hit the bookshelves! =) If you ever do a World Tour, please come to Malaysia!

  64. Emerson Says:

    I am beyond thrilled!

  65. Rachael Says:

    Yay! Many congratulations! I can’t wait to see it when it’s totally finished!

    Your “summertime distractions” photos cracked me up, especially the riverdance. :-)

  66. majdy Says:

    woohoo! Congratulations, Craig.

  67. JoshuaM Says:

    yay! i’m so excited. i can’t wait to have it in my hands.

  68. Maiz Says:

    WOOOO-HOOOOOO! Congratulations, and I hope to see you in LA!

  69. Rachel Says:

    Wow! Awesome job craig! Please please please come to North Carolina!

  70. Meg Says:

    woot woot woot wooooooooooot!

  71. Blogue Mundo Fantasma – Entrevista com Alan Moore + Says:

    […] Está terminado Habibi de Craig Thompson, mais de 700 páginas. Ainda temos meia dúzia de Giclées Habibi Red e Habibi Blue. […]

  72. OBBTKN Says:

    Congrats Craig! Seeing the little process examples you posted on this blog, looks like a master job. I´ll buy the spanish version when is out, no doubt.


  73. Dave Says:

    can’t wait to hold a copy of Habibi in my hands. congratulations …

    hope you’ll make it to Germany some day, I’ll sooo be there.

    one question: I’m currently sketching the basis for a somewhat bigger graphic novel myself. How many pages (sketching & writing, not inking or colouring yet) would you think are a reasonable amount of work? seems to take forever, I never get over 3 pages a day …

  74. Craig Thompson Finishes Habibi! « Comic Book Daily Says:

    […] And now he’s finished. […]

  75. amelia Says:

    supercalifragilistic-expialidocious! holy good-news, batman!


  76. matheus Says:

    congratulations for the work, Craig! I live in Brazil and I am both happy and sad with them their release, because this takes too long to get this news out, and get quick, comes with an absurdly high value in relation to the original price. anyway, I’m waiting anxiously for this release, after all it is a work of talented craig thompson! a hug, man!

  77. Frank Says:

    Dear Craig Thompson, I wish you a good tomorrow (September 21th). You have a big friend of your art (me) here in Wolkersdorf near by Nuremberg (or better: near by Erlangen, where you’ve been years ago). With Leonard Cohen’s words: “I greet you from the other side of sorrow an despair …” (Hear the song on his new DWD “Songs from a Road”.)

  78. Greg Says:

    We’d love to host you if you do indeed tour the east coast! People at our store love your work more than their own mothers.

  79. Evan Dahm Says:

    Looks beautiful and I can’t wait to read it!! I will see you if you come New Yorkwards on your tour.

  80. henric Says:

    Great!! Do a couple of more carnet de voyage now :)

  81. Jason Says:

    Congratulations, Craig! Oh, and happy birthday!

  82. Rowan Says:

    happy birthday craig. hope you have a great day! x

  83. aggy Says:

    Happy birthday Craig!
    Congratulations on finishing! Can’t wait to read it already.
    Hope you get to have a break before you start with the edits

  84. Ginette Says:

    I always tell myself I’m going to respond to your posts, but always shy away from doing so. I figured I’d make an exception as it’s your birthday (and I hope it is wonderful!) and that the book is finally finished. (Congrats!)
    Knowing that it’s that much closer to landing in my hands is the greatest news I’ve heard in a long time.
    As an aspiring illustrator, your work is my biggest drive to keep moving forward. Thank you for that.
    All the best!

  85. Kim Says:

    I cannot wait to hold Habibi and marvel at every intricate line and delicate swirl your hands have created.
    Oh yes, I’m sure the story will be wonderful, too!
    Many Happy Returns!

  86. Kelly S. Says:

    Hooray! Way to go on wrapping it up! I CANNOT wait to buy my copy. I hope you come to Atlanta, I would love to meet you and thank you for creating stories that remain with me. Happy birthday, and bon chance with the editing/production process.

  87. Maria Chiara Says:

    WOW!!! I am so happy! Congratulations, Craig, it will be mine as soon as you publish it!
    Probably it’s a stupid question – and there are a few chances you will read it with all these comments above – but… is there any possibility to see you in Italy?

  88. Jérôme Says:

    Craig, I’m just so happy for you. It’s not easy to keep up the motivation and move on with such a large project.
    Take a deep breath and dive in the nearest river :)
    Hope to see you in France soon(er or later) 😉

  89. Mich Says:

    Congratulations and happy belated birthday! And hurry up, my shelf’s waiting… 😉

  90. Alberto Says:

    Everyone hugs you, here.
    It’s nice to hear that you’ve finished this. Reading and following your adventures here, is exciting and motivating. And now,
    waiting to read the creature.

  91. Yi-chun Lin Says:

    Congratulations! Really look forward to your new work!

  92. Sarah Wurst Says:

    So very excited!! Where can I see a schedule for these “promotional tours”?

  93. andré almeida Says:

    I can not wait to see your new book…

    You are one of the greatest artists I have as reference.

  94. Efrain Says:

    I can’t wait to read this work.
    Sucess for you.

  95. Crosbie Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. What a gargantuan effort!

    Can’t wait for it to reach press. When? When? :)

  96. Brian Says:

    HooRay! I have been eagerly awaiting this book. I can’t wait to read it! It will seem almost as personal as blankets felt because i’ll remember everything going on while checking up on it. You are awesome! Congrats

  97. Mairead Drain Says:

    So excited to be this much closer to reading it!!! Congrats and all the best!

  98. Igor Bone Says:

    I saw Craig doing sketches of Habibi and have the (golden) opportunity to talk to him about the project during his stay in Brazil for the FIQ 2009.

    I am certain this is going to be a HUGE work of art. And not only because of the size, for sure.

    Keep the good work, Craig. Peace.

  99. Leena Says:

    Craig, Congratulations!
    I am so looking forward to reading Habibi! When does it come out?

    Enjoyed reading all your books.. I must say, amazing work!

  100. avivi Says:

    Well Done! 😀 😀
    can’t wait to read it 😛
    I’m very curious about this graphic novel


  101. Sarah Says:

    Congratulations Craig! I’m stoked to read it!

  102. B Says:

    Hey craig! Very excited to read this. Bumped into you at that indian resaurant the other night…hope you don’t mind I put it in my comic!

  103. Andy Says:

    YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I cannot wait to read your book! =D

  104. Matthew Burbridge Says:

    I have waited six years for you to write that. SIX YEARS.

  105. Matthew Burbridge Says:

    Forgot to mention. I’m planning on having your Blankets cover turned into a half-sleeve tattoo.

  106. Antoine MATHON Says:

    Hello Craig,
    I am french run a comic art gallery for 4 years in Paris. i like very much your work and I would like to show it. I already work with famous artists : Lorenzo Mattotti, Nicolas de Crecy, Blutch, Munoz… If you are interested just contact me !
    Best regards

  107. carlocki Says:

    I do not realize anything in my life. see how much you are realizing make me feel stupider than ever.

  108. izas Says:


  109. farel Says:

    you are an inspiration, sir.

  110. karlton Says:

    Congrats! That Chunky Rice rafting image kicks ass!!!! my favorite…

  111. Laura Barrow Says:

    Hey Craig. Greetings from the UK. I’m sure you’ll post a list of your promotional tour. I will travel to London if that is the only stop you can make. Please consider Portsmouth. I so desperately want a first editon for myself and 10 other first editions as gifts. Will Habibi be out for Christmas?

  112. Chris Wood Says:

    Bout frickin time, Chuck. Jeez, I remember you showing me and Evan early roughs like years ago. Anyhow congrats, bro! cant wait to see.

  113. Allison Backous Says:

    Hi Craig,

    I’m an editor for The Other Journal, an online publication about the intersections of theology/culture, and we would LOVE to interview you and promote your new work. Please email me if you are interested!

    Peace to you,

  114. Ray Kaselau Says:

    LOVED BLANKETS and I’m super excited the Habibi is nearing release. As a fellow Wisconsinite please consider Eau Claire on the tour!

  115. Phil in Inuvik, NWT, Canada Says:

    All your patience will be rewarded, Craig. Now all that attention to detail is on the page and it will last FOREVER.

    Now where can I buy it?
    Can’t wait!

  116. pratheek Says:

    Hi Craig,

    I’m a comic book writer from India and a HUGE fan of Blankets. Recently, my friends had a very ‘surreal’ Blankets experience and I’ve written a comic script about it which I’d like to show you… and if you’re okay with it, I’d like to self-publish it. It’s a short 12-page incident… and ‘Blankets’ plays a very critical role in the story. Could you tell me an email address i could email this script to, so that you could take a look at it?

    thank u!!


    Pratheek Thomas
    Bangalore, India

  117. Jordi Says:

    Hi Craig! Jordi again. Just to tell you that this post is more than one month old and we need a new one please! We know you are busy but… :)

  118. Amy Says:

    Pretty much in love with everything you’ve done. Can’t wait to see the new work. Would love a pen pal (I write amazing letters), but not presumptuous enough to think you’ll write. But, a girl can dream, right?

    Congrats on your new project. Can’t wait to read it.

  119. Ollie Says:

    Please come to Seattle!! I can’t wait to see this new work! 😀

  120. scott erdman Says:

    our parents founded the church you write about in Blankets. My friend Barb Wennmacher suggested i read it… not realizing the connection. I have been able to share ‘Blankets’ with many of my Oregon friends (which is where i live now as well) and tell them, “see… i’m not making this shit up… oh.. and this book is great… ”
    anyway, i look forward to Habibi and i thank you for encapsulating your piece of the truth in such an approachable medium.

  121. hugo reis Says:

    hi craig, i’m an actor from brazil and i’ve been reading blankets again these days. the first time i’ve read it was in 2007, when i was 17, and now that i’ve been reading it again, i can recall precisely the places where i had been while i was reading it – reading it all over the places – and the (many) feelings i had had when i read it the first time back then. your graphic novels were an important part of my days… of my life… of me. now that i’ve been reading some of your works again, i realized how much i had missed it. how much they mean to me. how much i like it. thank you very much, craig.

  122. Theoma Says:

    GREAT ! Your french spoken public can’t wait !

  123. SohiniB. Says:

    This is grreat news and the patterns look great! and the blue and orange is back!

    can’t wait.

  124. Janie Says:

    can’t wait!!!!!!

  125. Kevin Barber Says:

    Congrats on an amazing accomplishment and feat of discipline. I cannot wait to read it.

  126. joe Says:


  127. Matthew Says:

    great to here it’s done! thank you for working so hard. blankets changed my life and helped me through adolescence.

  128. Frank Says:

    Greetings after midnight. Waiting for the next book …

  129. Séverine Says:

    It’s time to come to France,or to send some fresh news!!congatulations my friend,sure habibi have grown as a beautiful babe!!!can’t wait to see it…are you gonna be in angoulême this year!plein de becs de toulouse

  130. Ther Says:

    Congratulations Craig!!!
    Good, very good news :)

    I can’t wait to read it, and I hope that you could visit Madrid in your promotional tour 😉

  131. Annoushka Says:

    Félicitations (et merci)!
    J’espère que Habibi sortira très vite en France.
    Est-ce que ça va mieux pour vos mains?

  132. William Says:

    Craig, I’ve been eagerly anticipating “Habibi” since it’s first announcement. Can’t wait! “Blankets” is one of my favorite stories, and it’s the book I gift most often, just ahead of “A Canticle for Leibowitz.”

  133. Nieva Says:

    Yay! Congratulations Craig! I’ve been waiting for this! I hope you’ll visit the Philippines for a promotional tour. I can’t wait to see the actual book and read it!

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